You’re officially a member!

Now that you’ve signed the Members Agreement, you’re officially a member of Cowork Vernon. This means you can access the shared office space 10 days a month (if you’re part-time), or every day (if you’re full-time).

Next steps:

  • Join our group chat here – we use Slack for real-time group chat. This is so we can chat quietly when you’re on-site (or even if you’re away!). It’s a great way to keep up with other members. Most of us just keep the Slack client open during the day. They have a mobile app as well.
  • Check your email for your first invoice – you should receive your first invoice from Cowork Vernon within a couple of days. You can pay via cheque, or email transfer.
  • Subscribe to our calendar – you can subscribe via XMLiCal, or HTML. You can also view it online here.

A few guidelines:

  • Sign-in when you get here: there’s a “check in” whiteboard downstairs in the lobby, and at the top of the stairs. If you’re the first one in the office, make sure you select “Coworking: In” to let everyone else in the building know you’re here.
  • Sign-out and lock doors when you leave: if you’re the last one to leave, be sure to sign-out on both whiteboards. Also, if no one else is signed-in up top, lock the door. Likewise, if no-one is signed in downstairs, lock the front door. (This is really important for overall building security).

Questions? You can email all four of us at once at

Marco, Morgan, Steve and Justin