Four years of coworking in Vernon

I don’t know how this happened, but somehow we’ve been coworking in Vernon for four years now.

On August 2014, Marco, Steve, Morgan, and myself (Justin) got they keys to our loft suite on 3000-30th Street in Vernon, BC (right across from Marten Brewpub).

Back then we were just four remote workers who wanted a place where we could work together. We were tired of working from our home. We wanted some interaction!

Initially, we met at Geek Beers, and started discussing renting an office space together.

Coworking was the solution. Even though we were all working on different things, we were able to hang out throughout the day, chat on Slack, and go for lunch.

Coworking for remote workers and freelancers in Vernon, BC, Okanagan

This past year, the space kept evolving:

  • We now have eight full-time members: Daryl, Mikey, Rick, Jeff, Marco, Morgan, Steve, Justin.
  • We have a new dedicated area for our part-time members: a large conference table, set up with four monitors.
  • We now have Telus High-Speed Fiber (200-300 mbps up and down).
  • The space still has “the vault” for private phone calls, and a private office across the hall that can be booked for meetings and video conferencing.
  • We also have a kitchen, fridge, Aeropress, and Italian coffee maker.

Coworking in Vernon, BC 2018

Our members are a mix of folks working for tech companies, profesional remote workers, and people building their own companies.

Interested in joining us? You can apply here.

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