Coworking in Vernon celebrates five years

Cowork Vernon officially launched in 2014, but there were many events that lead up to that.

The idea for a local coworking came out of Geek Beers, which had been running in Vernon since 2012.

In 2013-2014, we started holding “Coffee shop Cowork Days” to test out the concept. We did some at Bean Scene, and a few at Triumph Coffee:

We promoted these coworking events by emailing our Geek Beers mailing list (which was about 200 people at the time).

By mid-2014, there was a group of four people who decided to become “founding members,” and get a real coworking location going.

Morgan, Marco, Justin, Steve

They structured it as a not-for-profit joint-venture and started looking for locations.

A loft space became available, on the corner of 30th Ave and 30th Street in downtown Vernon. It was right across from the soon to be opened Marten Brewpub.

They signed the lease, bought some desks from the old Kal-Tire office, and launched in August 2014:

The initial coworking setup

That first year there were seven members in total. Since then, we’ve grown an average of 13% per year. (Currently, in 2019, we have 15 members).

Here’s what our space looks like today:

Cowork Vernon, 2019

Our members include software developers, engineers, manager, architects, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Want to join us? You can apply here.

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