Cowork Vernon celebrates 6 year anniversary

When we originally started Cowork Vernon in August, 2014 we:

Needless to say, our space needed a big upgrade. Thankfully, Lorinda and Monica spent most of 2020 redesigning and fixing up our space in a big way:

Our building was originally constructed in 1912, so it wasn’t an easy canvas to work with! Look at the floors before and after Lorinda refinished them:

One of the biggest improvements was made in the kitchen and eating area:

We also have a new corner office suite, which features two desks, and another phone booth:

And, as always, we have a big conference table at the end of the room for part-time coworkers (10 days a month or less):

Our members include software developers, engineers, manager, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Want to join us? You can apply here.

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